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Classical back massage 30 min 31€   /  

The back and shoulder area needs special care as muscle tensions tend to accumulate more frequently in this area. The back massage helps relieve muscle tensions by increasing muscle elasticity and improving oxygen supply in the muscles. The massage relaxes mental and physical tension and has both, direct and reflexive effects on the body through nerve receptors in the skin, which are closely linked to the central nervous system. To achieve lasting results, we recommend taking back massage 4-5 times a month.

Classical massage 60 min 49€   /  

A full body massage that improves blood circulation and facilitates metabolism. Its effect on the skin, the tissues under the skin and the muscles is, depending on techniques used, either relaxing or tonus-enhancing.  It is used in cases of muscle strain, sleep disorders, and also to relieve stress. A skillfully carried out massage results in feelings of relaxation and well-being. It is not allowed to conduct a massage when blood pressure is substantially above the norm, when there are varicose veins, different skin diseases or fever.

Dual massage 40 min 77€   /  

Dual massage is a great way to enjoy a relaxing massage with a good companion. This is a classic massage, performed simultaneously for two people in one room and it is suitable for couples or good friends. A high-quality orange oil is used for the massage, leaving the skin gently scented and silky smooth. Massage is followed by relaxation moment with a cup of herbal tea in a cozy lounge.

Massage with hot lava stones 50 min 56€   /  

Hot  lava stone massage helps to reduce both mental and physical tension, as well as sleep disorders, muscle and joint pain. In the process of massage the energy of hands is conveyed with the heated stones and pressure is applied to the body. The energy of the stones is well known and it affects deeply. The stones have a special resonance, which allows energy to be conveyed. When stones are applied to certain body areas, they alleviate strains until they disappear and restore the balance between different parts of body. Massage with lava stones harmonizes streams of energy and relaxes whole body.

Sports massage 30 min / 60 min 33€ / 54€   /  

Sports massage is stronger than the classical type and is meant primarily for those who go in for sports, aiming at improving blood supply to the muscles, elasticity of the connective tissue, also at preventing injuries and treating already sustained injuries.

Anticellulite massage 30 min 33€   /  

Anticellulite massage is a refreshing and invigorating procedure for specific problem areas, smoothing your skin and diminishing „orange peel“ effect. The active ingredients of the special anticellulite oil stimulate exchanges, firm the skin and provide an instant sensation of well-being.

Aromatheraphy massage 60 min 54€   /  

Aromatherapy massage is a surface type of massage with etheric oils. Every etheric oil has a certain effect (calming, stimulating, analgesic, metabolism-stimulating). Skillful selection of the appropriate etheric oil results in the aromatherapy massage procedure relieving stress, decreasing cellulite, muscle strain and aches, sleep disorders, also climacteric ailments and blood pressure fluctuations. Etheric oils strengthen the immune system and remain in the human body for up to 72 hours improving the elasticity of the skin.

Chocolate massage 50 min 54€   /  

Chocolate massage is a real pleasure to help you relax and leave an appetizing aroma of the skin. Chocolate made of cocoa beans has an important influence on the beauty of skin. Cocoa contains antioxidants and natural active substances as flavonoids that have beneficial effect to the whole organism. Chocolate has a stimulating effect on endorphins, i.e. the formation of happiness hormones, creating an elevated mood. The chocolate, containing caffeine and polyphenol from the cocoa beans, improves the skin appearance, nourishes, moisturizes and gives tone to the skin. Chocolate massage is unique, magic and exclusive.

Honey massage for the back area 40 min From pure Estonian nature 39€   /  

A honey massage reduces tensions in the back region and offers immediate relaxation for the entire body. The recognised medicinal properties of Estonian honey help to strengthen immunity and make the skin younger. Honey is warmed on the candle flame, to improve blood circulation and absorption of healing components. During the massage the sticky properties of honey are used to remove dead cells from the surface of the skin and expel “polluted” energy from the skin.

Foot sole massage 30 min 33€   /  

Foot Massage is mainly done on foot and lower parts of shanks. All the organ systems are being affected through foots reflexive zones. Foot Massage helps to reduce stress and improves blood circulation.

Thai massages €   /  

Enjoy a truly exotic massage experience provided by Thai masseuses. With a mixture of exotic aromas, soothing music and massage masters from Thailand we offer you the opportunity to dice into the wonderful Asian world.

Oriental oil massage 60 min / 90 min 55€ / 73€   /   49,50€ / 65,70€

Oriental therapy massage, based on extracts from classical massage, aims at relaxation and therapeatical effect through the essential oil molecules absorbed into the bloodstream.

Thai massage 60 min / 90 min 55€ / 73€   /   49,50€ / 65,70€

Thai Massage is based in yoga, massage, rebirthing and meditation. Traditional Thai Massage fluidly and meditatively blends gentle rocking, rhythmic acupressure and assisted stretches to thoroughly relax and revitalize body and mind. Thai massage opens the muscular-skeletal structure of the body and thereby improves flexibility; enhances the organic functions of the body by stimulating blood circulation and lymphatic drainage; reduces stress by calming and balancing the nervous system; relaxes tense muscles; invigorates and rejuvenates by opening energy blockages; increases awareness of mind/body connections. Contraindications: traumatic injuries to joints, muscles and bones, muscle inflammation, osteoporosis, cardiovascular diseases, artificial joints, high blood pressure.

Thai Head Massage 20 min / 40 min 21 € / 41€   /   18,90 € / 36,90€

Thai head massage, with it’s deeply calming and relaxing techniques, helps to improve concentration, reduce headaches and sleep disorders. Massage begins with the shoulder region, including the arms, neck and head.

Thai foot massage 30 min / 60 min 32€ / 55€   /   28,80€ / 49,50€

The aim of Thai Foot Massage is to remove disorders, reconstruct the functions of the organism and balance them. Foot Massage helps to relax and has great effect on nervous system, helps when having sleeping problems. There are many nerve endings on foot. Through affecting different zones and points, can organism improve the immune system, accomplish remarkable positive effects in organism and reduce stress by having callisthenic influence.