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Beauty package

3 treatments with a special price
(140 € when treatments purchased separately)

Price 109 € includes 3 treatments

  • Day SPA18+ Wonderful Expectation

    NEW! Ideal pampering for an expectant mother. Day Spa package with use of SPA18+, Thai massage and welcome drink.

    Price from 56 € person

  • Plastic surgery

    ArtiaClinic (Ars Media OÜ) has provided cosmetic and plastic surgery services since 2001.
    The company is based on the skills and experience that our team has acquired and developed while working together since 1996.
    One of the main owners is Dr Katrin Krüünvald, who also performs most of the procedures.
    Our main goal is to offer our clients long-term satisfaction with successful plastic surgery. To achieve that, we unite professional teamwork with medical ethics and the owner’s responsible conduct.
    Our clinic work is performed in rooms which are specially designed, built and furnished to meet the needs of plastic surgery. The clinic has been granted activity licence No. L01383 by the Estonian Health Care Board.
    In order to achieve the highest quality in our work, we have specialised only in cosmetic and plastic surgery services.
    We consider the privacy of our clients to be of the utmost importance. The rooms of the clinic are small, and all of our staff are discreet.

    The clinic’s medical staff are carefully chosen, professional, and highly motivated to give their very best when serving our clients.
    We can communicate in Estonian, Russian, Finnish, and English.
    Our patients often express their special gratitude for the quality of service that has surpassed their expectations.

    Our location in Viimsi SPA health centre enables us to offer our patients and their companions several additional options. The clients who have undertaken the procedures and no longer need to stay in the clinic, but who still wish to spend a couple of days away from their household routines and curious glances, can enjoy a safe stay in the Viimsi SPA hotel with the medical and psychological support provided by the ArtiaClinic´s doctors and staff.
    ArtiaClinic offers you friendly and high quality service to make your life more beautiful.




    Phone: +372 601 1110

    Home page:

    Opening hours
    Mon – Fri 9:00 – 16:00

    Every single client’s problem is approached with creativity and precision.

    During the consultation, we provide resourceful information concerning the most appropriate procedure or combination of procedures for the particular client.

    We perform all of the following main plastic surgery procedures:

    • Breast surgery
    • Liposuction and liposculpture
    • Face and neck surgery (also endoscopic)
    • Cosmetic eye surgery
    • Cosmetic ear surgery
    • Abdominal plastic surgery
    • Filler and Botox injections (Dysport)