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Medical check-up

Treatment type Price / Special-offer

Doctor's consultation 15 min 25€   /  

Nutrition councelling 60 min 48€   /  

Nutrition consultation helps in case of indigestion and weight problems, food intolerance or food allergies. Nutrition consultant is able to give recommendations for lifestyle and nutrition habits change to improve your health. Where necessary, blood tests or other additional medical research can be recommended. Healthy diet improves overall well-being, and increases energy levels.

Strain test on a veloergometer 30 min 38€   /  

The test is conducted by a physiotherapist. The test will give an overview of your aerobic fitness, i.e. your endurance. The exercise stress test is performed on a veloergometer with a 3-step increase of exercise load. The results and analysis of the exercise test will help to make your training more efficient and suitable to your fitness level.

When coming to a strain test wear sports clothes (footwear included). Try to avoid training on the day of the test and the day before; have a light meal about 2 hours before the test, so that you would have strength for a maximum effort; refrain from smoking and drinking coffee, cola and energy drinks for 2 hours before the test – they will accelerate your pulse and reduce the reliability of the test results; avoid alcoholic drinks for 24 hours before the test – danger of cardiac arrhythmia! The exercise stress test should be postponed when: you are ill or recovering from illness; you feel exhausted for some reason; your blood pressure is alarmingly high.

Body composition measurement 18€   /  

Jawon ioi 353 body analyser provides all this information and more, from basic data (weight, height etc.) to more specific indicators (muscle mass, fat %, biological age etc.). The results are 99% accurate and the recommended figures are WHO (World Health Organization) compliant. In addition to the above-mentioned information, Jawon displays the basal metabolic rate and the daily recommended calorie intake. It displays the recommended change in the daily calorie intake, as well as the needed increase in energy consumption through exercise.

Spirography 15€   /  

Spirometry is an AIRWAY INVESTIGATION that evaluates volumes and flow rates of inspiratory and expiratory flows – in other words, it measures lung volume and ventilation capacity. During so called asthma test, the patient’s respiratory function is also assessed beside regular spirometry after the patient is given bronchodilatatory medicine. These data make it possible to evaluate the function of airways (brochi) and lungs and to detect asthma, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), as well as other lung diseases. COPD can be detected in spirometry even before the patient develops complaints. The prognosis of many diseases of respiratory organs, including asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, depends on the timely initiation of the treatment; and spirometry holds the most important position in diagnosing these diseases.
We recommend spirometry to: smokers, people with chronic cough, in case of breathlessness or out-of-breath feeling, people with allergies.

Blood tests €   /  

Various blood tests available. See the price list at the Health Center reception.

Medical check-up package for women 115€   /  

The package includes a doctor’s consultation, mammography, blood tests (thyroid hormones, breast and ovarian cancer markers) and body composition analysis with Jawon analyser.

Mammography is a method for discovering breast cancer. It allows to discover early changes in mammary glands and substantially improves treatment results. Blood test is used to study the ovarian cancer markers and thyroid hormones. Since weight problems are the risk factor for many diseases, the package also includes the body composition analysis with Jawon ioi 353 analyser, which in addition to basic information (height, weight), also provides information about the distribution of fat on different body parts, fat percentage, fat-free weight and main metabolism. If the weight, fat percentage, height and muscle percentage are not balanced according to the recommendations, Jawon recommends a change in the daily amount of calories and increase in the energy consumption. At the doctor’s consultation, the test results are examined and further steps are considered.

The medical check-up package is recommended for all women — just to keep you safe from health problems. A health problem discovered early can be cured more easily.

Medical check-up package for men 95€   /  

The package includes a doctor’s consultation, three surveys and a blood test.

A cardiac stress test is conducted on a walking trail to assess the function of the cardiovascular system and load tolerance. With an increasing physical load, the blood pressure and pulse reaction, the myocardial blood supply, creation of rhythm disorders, etc. can be assessed. With the help of the cardiac stress test, people engaged with sport can get feedback about the suitability of their training load and training pulse.

The functionality of the lungs and the existence of respiratory diseases can be assessed with the help of spirometry. The test allows to quickly and easily discover several lung diseases, e.g., the air movement changes in bronchi may indicate asthma or chronic obstructive lung disease.

Since overweight is a risk factor for very many diseases, the medical check-up packet for men also includes the measurement of body weight and waistline as well as the analysis of body composition. Visceral fat is an especially serious risk factor in case of cardiovascular diseases. Jawon ioi 353 body analyser allows to determine the fat percentage of the body and distribution of fat on different body parts, fat free weight, main metabolism and the recommended daily number of calories.

The blood test analyses the following: blood sugar and fat indicators (general cholesterol, low and high density cholesterol), liver function indicators and the prostate-specific antigen (PSA). PSA is the first tumoral marker which may be used to diagnose prostate cancer. Patients with high PSA rate in blood have either prostate cancer, benign growth of prostate or other urinary tract infections.

The medical check-up package for men takes approximately two hours.

Men with at least a couple of the indicators listed below are welcome to the check-up:

  • age over 30
  • body weight above the normal range
  • smokers
  • if the patient does not have least three alcohol free days a week
  • emotionally stressful job
  • complaints about straining chest pain, increased blood pressure or rhythm disorders
  • complaints about the need to urinate during night or weakened urine flow pressure
  • close relatives with diabetes, blood pressure disease, heart attack or stroke

Medical check-up package of metabolism and weight 70€   /  

The package includes body composition analysis, blood tests (blood sugar, cholesterol, thyroid hormones), consultations by a physician-nutritionist and physical activity consultant. This package is suitable for people who have problems with weight but also for those who care about their health and wish to keep themselves in a good shape.

Body composition analysis with the Jawon ioi 353 body composition analyser will provide basic information (height and mass), but also information about the distribution of fat on different body parts, fat percentage, fat-free mass and basalmetabolism. Blood tests examine the level of blood sugar, thyroid hormones and fats (general cholesterol, low and high cholesterol contents). The physical activity consultation is conducted by a physiotherapist in a gym. The objective is to identify individual bodily needs and preferences and compose a suitable training plan. We recommend to keep a food diary for a week before the nutritionist`s consultation, based on which the consultant analyses your eating habits. A regular and balanced diet, adjusting consumption of fats and balancing blood sugar is often enough to help eliminate less severe health problems. The connection between several diseases and eating habits is well known. A physician-nutritionist evaluates your blood test results and body composition measurements, based on which suggestions for further steps will be given.

Medical check-up package of respiratory system 75€   /  

The tests package includes a physician’s consultation, spirometry, an asthma test (if necessary) and blood tests for various allergens and bacteria that may cause respiratory malfunction.

The respiratory function tests package is recommended to everybody who has faced recurrent respiratory tract diseases or other respiratory problems.

Spirometry is a test that helps to assess the functional condition of lungs and identify possible diseases of respiratory organs. If deviations from the normal condition are revealed during spirometry, the examination will continue with an asthma test. This test helps to discover several lung diseases easily and quickly; for example, air velocity changes in the bronchi may indicate existence of asthma or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Blood is analysed for various allergens and bacteria (Mycoplasma pneumoniae and Chlamydophilapneumoniae). At the physician`s consultation, the test results will be assessed and suggestions for the future will be given.

Dermtest - birthmark screening * 32€   /  

Dermtest is a simple, convenient, and reliable birth-mark study, which enables to discover early changes in mole that may develop into malignant tumours. The test includes a high resolution photograph that will be sent to a dermatoloogist. The diagnosis will be given within 48 hours with detailed information whether the mole has signs that point to skin cancer or melanoma, and whether it should be removed or needs to be monitored.
 if there is a growing or changing (enlarging, bleeding or itching) mole on your skin
 if you have a lot of moles or pigment spots
 if your family has a history of melanoma or non-melanoma skin cancer
 if you have a single suspicious asymmetric, darker-than-average mole
 if you are regularly exposed to UV rays on your holidays or if you use often tanning booths
Pre-cancerous changes can be dermoscopically diagnosed. If diagnosed and treated in time, early-stage skin cancer and melanoma are curable. It is important to regularly observe changes on your skin.

The price includes a consultation and a snapshot of one birthmark. Price of any following snapshot is 9€.