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New Year’s Eve buffet menu


Surimi cream baskets
Vegetable spring rolls
Broccoli and chicken quiche
Mini croissants with pâté mousse
Cold-smoked salmon and cream cheese wrap
Roast beef
Mustard and smoked cheese cream, crispy bread snacks

Warm buffet

Oven-baked salmon in tomato and seafood sauce
Asian-style turkey fillet in its own juice
Roast pork in roast drippings
Oven-baked potatoes
Steamed rice

Salad buffet

Fresh vegetable salad with feta cheese
Potato salad
Rosolje, a traditional Estonian beetroot and herring salad
Pickled mushrooms
Pumpkin salad
Lightly salted salmon
Baltic herring rolls
Roast beef
Brine-pickled cucumber


Ice cream, sauces, wafers, sprinkles
Marmalade, gingerbread, tangerines
An assortment of mini cakes
An assortment of cheeses and fruits