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Infrared sauna

Price for infrared sauna session

10 € / person
15 € / 2 persons
17,5 € / 3 persons
20 € / 4 persons

Discount for SPA Club members –10 %
You can visit infrared sauna without sauna center ticket.

Starter tips for infrared sauna use

Before entering the sauna, you should drink approximately 0.5l of water. You will need to purchase a bottle of water from the sauna bar and drink from it continuously during your time in the sauna. Continuous consumption of liquids is also recommended after completing your visit to the sauna.
You must immediately exit the sauna if you experience dizziness, drowsiness or discomfort.
Following your visit to the sauna, up to 30 minutes may be required before your body temperature returns to normal.

Reservations on the phone +372 606 1100 or through e-mail to

If you are in the sauna center and would like to reserve an infrared sauna session, please turn to our stuff at the spa-bar.