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Deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid face treatment

This facial moisturizes the skin deeply, while and also improving the skin’s defenses and elasticity. The facial begins with the exfoliation, followed by deep-hydrating massage and mask. Finally, the moisturizing emulsion and eye area cream applied to the skin ensure a long-lasting sense of well-being. Duration 60 min.

Special offer 47,20 € (regular price 59 €)

Lymphastim lymph drainage

Lymph drainage activates lymph and blood circulation and accelerates metabolism in the tissues, facilitating removal of residues from the body and supporting the immune system. Lymph drainage is performed by using special trousers equipped with air chambers, which generate slowly moving waves of pressure. Lymphastim alleviates swelling and the heavy feet syndrome. Just one session will make your feet feel much lighter. Duration 30 min.

Special offer 16 € (regular price 20 €)