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Face treatment “Flash beauty”

Radiance treatment for your face actively renews and brightens the skin surface. A pampering massage and the subsequent cooling effect mask bring a youthful glow to your face. This serves to activate the skin’s natural restorative functions, enhance cell rejuvenation and enrich the tissues with oxygen. As the result bright and glowingly fresh complexion! Duration 40 min.

Special offer 36,55 € (regular price 43 €)

Relaxing hot stone back treatment

This treatment reduces tensions in the dorsal region, stimulates blood circulation and provides relaxation throughout the body. Treatment begins with refreshing grapefruit peeling, followed by a orange oil massage, using alternating stone- and hand massage techniques. Warm stones and relaxing massage techniques provide deep relaxation. Duration 30 min.

Special offer 26,35 € (regular price 31 €)