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    Our Location

    Beaches and islands

    Beaches and islands located near Viimsi

    Lovely beaches are to be found in Viimsi and the immediate surrounding area, which have become favourite spots for locals. From Viimsi and Tallinn it is also possible to sit in a boat and visit one of the pearls of the northern coast: Aegna Island, Prangli Island, or Naissaar.



    Beaches in Viimsi and Tallinn

    Haabneeme Beach in Viimsi is located only 1 km from Tallinn Viimsi SPA. The beach has a large children’s playground, an ice cream kiosk and, a favourite among locals, the RootSu Beach Bar.

    Located 5.4 km from Viimsi is the Pirita Beach, which is the largest swimming beach in Tallinn. The beach has changing rooms, storage cabinets, children’s playgrounds and ball courts. During the summer season, the beach bar and kiosks are open, and various sellers are peddling their wares (retailing by hand or using barrows, hand baskets, portable trays or boxes). Beach chairs are also available for rental.

    Prangli Island

    Prangli Island is the only place in North-Estonia with an indigenous population, its own unique traditions and a hospitable population. Worth discovering are the landscape protection area, sand dunes and various beaches, village roads lined with stone fences hiding colourful tales, a lovely church, and a museum. Taste experiences are offered by the RootSu Saare-Resto, with its view of the sea. The port plays host to stylish parties and other events.

    Regular day trips to the island depart from Leppneeme Port.

    During the summer, Prangli is host to regular English and Estonian language day trips. Finnish and Russian language trips can also be ordered, which are organised by Prangli Reisid.


    Naissaar is an island of outstanding natural beauty located about a dozen kilometres from Tallinn. It enchants visitors with its beautiful sandy beach, diverse hiking trails and the structures of the sea fortress built by Peter the Great. Each summer, cultural experiences are offered on Naissaar at the Nargen Festival, in the form of high quality concerts and performances.

    The eastern and southern coasts of the island are home to paradise beaches with clean sand and roses. Most of the island is covered by a primeval forest, in which you can pick blueberries in July and cowberries in August-September.

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    Aegna Island

    Aegna is a landscape protection area. The goal being to protect the forest and coastal communities found here, as well as unique species and their habitats. Former military installations, a large boulder field, an old cemetery, a magical stone labyrinth, various hiking trails and two swimming beaches with camping-campfire sites can be found on Aegna Island.

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