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Black Rose Pub Menu


French fries with tomato and sour cream sauce 3,5€
Deep-fried sweet potato fries with guacamole or garlic sauce 5,5€
Garlic bread with garlic sauce 4€
Onion rings in beer batter with a mild dip sauce 5,5€
Crispy chicken wings 6,5€
Spring rolls with chilli sauce (V) 5€
Hand-made spicy jalapenos with cheese and bacon 6,5€
Hand-made cheese balls with dip sauce 6,5€
Chicken skewers in teriyaki marinade with dip sauce 6,5€
Perch fillet breaded in beer batter with dip sauce 6,5€


Creamy pumpkin soup with truffle oil and roasted onion 5,5€
Borscht with duck and mutton 5,5€


Caesar salad with chicken/oven-baked salmon 7€ / 9€
Goat cheese salad gratinated in honey with roasted beet and pine seeds 9€
Fresh salad with oven-baked salmon 8,5€
Salt beef with horseradish cream and roasted ciabatta 12€
Steak tartar 14€
Head chef’s selection 22€
(Different cheeses and meats selected by the head chef)
Snack platter 22€
(Chicken wings, chicken skewers, fish in crispy batter, spring rolls, onion rings, cheese balls, garlic bread, sauces)


Seafood pasta 9,5€
Beetroot and goat cheese pasta 8,5€
Creamy chicken pasta with mushrooms and sun-dried tomatoes 8,5€
Rice noodle vegetable wok (V, L) 7€



Black Rose beef hamburger with French fries 11€
Chicken burger with thin sliced bread, guacamole, and deep-fried sweet potato fries 11€
Pork and cheese schnitzel with boletus sauce 13€*
Rack of lamb with red wine sauce (L) 19€*
Grilled chicken with creamy white wine sauce 13€*
Grilled beef entrecote with boletus sauce 19€*
Oven-baked salmon with creamy white wine sauce 15€*

* SIDES: oven-baked potatoes/French fries/potato puree/vegetable wok 2€


Chocolate fondant with ice cream 6€
Cream cheese cake with white chocolate 6€
Sour cream and chocolate cake 6€
Selection of ice creams 4,5€


Meatball soup 3,5€
Chicken pasta 4€
French fries / mashed potatoes with wieners 4€
French fries / mashed potatoes with meatballs 4€
French fries / mashed potatoes with chicken strips 5€

L – lactose free / V – vegetarian