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Sauna Café-bar

In the spa and sauna area it is possible to visit the café area. The payment is made on the account associated with the locker number, in this way you do not have to take cash or a bank card with you into the wet area. You can pay the bar invoice in the sauna and fitness club reception when you are leaving the complex.
We offer refreshing beverages, healthy smoothies and light snacks for sauna centre visitors. Exotic sauna centers comfortable lounge chairs offer you relaxation while enjoying refreshing drinks and delicious snacks with natural juice from sauna centers bar.

Sauna Café-bar menu


French fries with tomato and sour cream sauce 3,5 €
Garlic bread with garlic sauce 4 €
Spring rolls with chilli sauce 5 €
Deep-fried sweet potato fries with guacamole or garlic sauce 5 €
Crispy chicken wings 6,5 €
Hand-made cheese balls with dip sauce 6,5 €


Chicken and mushroom dumplings, cream, blue cheese 6 €


Caesar salad with chicken 7 €


French fries with wieners 4 €
French fries with chicken strips 4 €