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Garra Rufa doctorfish foot treatment

Submerge your feet into a warm pool of finned therapists for an exotic exfoliation by a team of tiny mouths. Garra Rufa, or Doctorfish are exotic pedicurists. Found naturally in hot springs near Kangal, a small town in Turkey, they have been softening and cleansing the skin of bathers for centuries. The species of carp, which have no teeth, painlessly nibble away humans’ dead skin. In addition to removing dead cells, the fish also perform a gentle tickling massage, which improves blood circulation and tones the skin. It is believed that Garra Rufa fish secrete an enzyme – diathanol – that improves skin regeneration.  After the process, the skin is soft and the entire body is toned and fresh.


Garra Rufa foot treatment for 1 person 10 min 8 €
Garra Rufa foot treatment for 2 persons in the same time 10 min 13 €

A ticket to the sauna center must be purchased if you would like to use the infrared sauna.
If you are in the sauna center and would like to reserve an infrared sauna session, please turn to our stuff at the spa-bar.