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Visitor rules

  • Thank you for visiting our spa and sauna centre. A customer is always expected and welcome in Tallinn Viimsi Spa Hotel complex. We expect you to behave respectfully towards our customer servicers as well as other customers, who share the spa environment with you.
  • By buying a sauna centre ticket, you will confirm that your skills and state of health enable you to use our different pools and saunas.
  • Dressing gowns are available for renting from the receptionist of the sports club or sauna centre.
  • In sauna centre, it is comfortable for you to move around in a dressing gown, swimsuit and light beach footwear.
  • In order to value the time spent together, we have created saunas, where both men and women can go simultaneously. In order to avoid unpleasant circumstances, it is obligatory to wear swimsuits in saunas.
  • Special seat bases or towels must be used for sitting on sauna benches.
  • You feel much more freshened up, if you wash yourself under shower after sweating in sauna. Washing yourself is obligatory before using pools! Please follow the hygiene requirements.
  • The floor is slippery when wet! Be careful, running on such floors can be dangerous. Move around carefully in the premises of the sauna centre and near swimming pools, this helps to avoid falling and injuries.
  • Please observe your children and their activities in the sauna centre. Too much freedom can be unsafe for children and disturb other customers.
  • We request that children under 12 years of age would visit our pools and sauna centre only together with a grown-up.
  • Smoking is prohibited in Tallinn Viimsi SPA Hotel premises. Smoking room is located in the Black Rose pub.
  • We expect due diligence from you as regards to the surrounding environment. If he visitor damages the inventory of the complex on purpose, he/she is obliged to fully indemnify the damages.
  • Make sure to carefully keep your locker key, the fine for losing the key is 13.00 euros. If you have lost your key, notify the receptionist or the surveillance inspector immediately about it. If the locker key is lost, the administration is not responsible for the things left in the locker.
  • Bringing and consuming own food and alcoholic beverages is not allowed in complex premises. We have opened a lobby bar in the sauna centre, where it is possible to enjoy different refreshing cocktails and light snacks. It is not permitted to take food and beverages to saunas and pools.
  • For boosting up your health, birch whisks are available for purchase in the bar of the sauna centre. It is not allowed to use your own whisks!
  • Tallinn Viimsi SPA Hotel is not responsible for the property, possible illnesses or accidents of the members, which have been caused due to own activities of the member or force majeure.
  • When in spa centre, it is obligatory to obey the orders of the complex personnel.