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Sauna ceremonies

Sauna ceremonies with sauna masters

A pleasure for body, mind and spirit. Enjoy the replenishing warmth of our special infusions and ceremonies, let go, relax and allow the various sounds and fragrances to spoil you.
Be our guest on a journey through soothing aroma-combinations where the senses are harmonized and energy restored. Our sauna masters will guarantee an exclusive and unforgettable experience. Sauna ceremonies are held on Tuesdays, Saturdays and Sundays.


Ceremonies are held

Tuesday, Thursday
18:00 Whisking ritual
19:00 Aroma ritual
20:00 Whisking ritual

17:00 Aroma ritual
18:00 Whisking ritual
19:00 Salt ritual
20:00 Sauna Friday with sauna master and cold beer, for extra fee 7 €

Saturday, Sunday
16:00 Whisking ritual
17:00 Salt ritual
18:00 Whisking ritual
19:00 Aroma ritual
20:00 Whisking ritual

Rituals in the Finnish sauna

All aroma infusions are held at the Finnish sauna.
For many visitors this is the highlight of taking a sauna, for others a reason to flee from the sauna cabin. Be our guest on a journey, where the temperature fluctuation invigorates vasculature and stimulates the body’s natural resistance.  Enjoy the extraordinary experience of heat, ice and aromatherapy.

Rituals in the salt-steam sauna

Rituals including the honey and salt scrubs, are held in the salt-steam sauna.Body treatments using organic honey or salt and oil mixture give the skin shine and softness, Salt removes dead cells and oil has a nourishing, cleansing and softening effect, natural scrub that suites all skin types.


Sauna Friday with sauna master and cold beer

Sauna Fridays take place every Friday at 8 pm in the outdoor sauna of the sauna center.
During the ceremony we treat you with two different sauna whisks: the eucalyptus whisk is used to clean and purify your breathing channels and give the sauna a pleasant scent, the oak whisk is used to relax your muscles. It gets too hot? Don’t worry, we will cool you down with cold beer and icy refreshments. After the whisking ceremony, take a quick shower and enjoy our cold water plunge pool.

Every Friday on 8 pm

Duration: 30 min
Capacity: 20 persons

Price 7 € / person

The price will be added to the sauna center ticket, 10x-complex card or monthly card.
Information and reservations: or +372 606 1100.