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BODYBALANCE® is the concept training of body and mind, where different movements and exercises are being made in the rhythm of peaceful and relaxing music, which has been developed by the best yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates specialists of the field. The class improves the posture, strengthens muscles and releases muscular tension and stress. Additionally, BODYBALANCE class enhances coordination, balance and the ability to concentrate. The class also teaches the correct breathing technique.

Sivananda yoga

Sivananda yoga is a classical hatha yoga. The name Sivananda yoga comes from the name of the fist teacher of that style — Swami Sivananda. The training consists of warm-up and breathing exercises and twelve asanas. Asanas train muscles and fascia, keep the back and joints flexible, stimulate blood and food circulation and the functioning of endocrinal system. With right breathing organism collects energy and arranges the functions of nervous system and the, increases willpower, self-control and the ability to concentrate. Relaxation releases the body from tensions and gives it the possibility to rest. The right diet assures proper fuel for the body. Optimal collection of nutrients, air, water and sunlight is essential for our organism. Positive thinking and meditation adds mental power and intuition and assures inner peace and balance.


BodyART® is a functional body and mind training created by Robert Stenbacher, where the exercises have been influenced by yoga, physiotherapy, different oriental martial arts as well as usual power exercises. The training simultaneously helps to enhance muscular power and endurance as well as to free one’s senses and inner strength. If ordinary power training focuses more on every single muscle group, then in BodyArt training a person is like a functional unit, where exercises that train the whole body are combined into an integrated whole with classical breathing techniques. Several exercises train balance and thus direct the focus in the centre of the body. BodyART is based on Yin and Yang or the opposites principles, which are expressed as breathing in and out during the training, alternating power and relaxation exercises.

Power Pilates

Power Pilates is a training that offers greater physical challenges, it is more intensive compared to ordinary Pilates.

Pilates is the complete harmony of body, mind and disposition. The training is based on Joseph Pilates’ technique, the three main aims of which are:

  • to train weak muscles;
  • to improve the quality of movement;
  • to study correct breathing.

It is an integral complex of exercises, which develops both body and mind, enhances coordination and concentration. Pilates helps to acknowledge one’s body position and movement, makes us more active and strong, invigorates metabolism and gives energy. The peculiarity of Pilates method is that most of the exercises are performed in a lying position. Pilates is suitable for both men and women.