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Activities in Viimsi

Free time in Viimsi and in the immediate vicinity of Tallinn

Here you will find exciting information and activities that you can enjoy at the Tallinn Viimsi SPA hotel, in the immediate vicinity of Viimsi and even further away. Exciting events and concerts take place throughout the year in Viimsi – all suitable for your enjoyment following relaxation in the spa. We hope that you are able to find suitable activities during the summer as well as the winter, as there is much to discover. We are happy to help you fill your free time!

Activities and events in Viimsi

Viimsi is home to the Museum of Coastal Folk and the Viimsi Open Air Museum, both of which are definitely worth a visit. The Museum of Coastal Folk provides an introduction to life on the shores of the Baltic Sea, from antiquity to the present day. The Viimsi Open Air Museum tells the tale of a fishing village.

The Viimsi Farmers’ Market is open every Saturday throughout the year. During the summer season – from May to September – it is also open on Sundays from 10.00-14.00.

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Places of interest in the immediate vicinity of Viimsi

With its close proximity to the capital, Viimsi provides the opportunity to simply discover the immediate area surrounding Tallinn. Why not set out on a walk in the beautiful Tallinn Botanic Gardens, only a 10 minute drive by car from the Tallinn Viimsi Spa, or visit the Tallinn TV Tower.

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Islands and beaches

Viimsi and its immediate vicinity are home to beautiful beaches which are a favourite spot for locals during the summer. There is something for everyone at the beach. Proper beach volleyball courts and playgrounds allow you to be active in addition to basking in the sun.

There is a daily boat taking visitors from Viimsi to Prangli Island. From Tallinn it is also possible to enjoy a day cruise to the Aegna and Naissaar islands.

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Active holiday and sport

Viimsi is the ideal location for an active holiday and engaging in sports. Thanks to its location on the water, it is possible to enjoy various water sports or bicycling, running or walking with trekking poles along a cycle and pedestrian track offering a picturesque ocean view.

In addition, the Viimsi and Pirita Adventure Parks await you.

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Restaurants in Viimsi

Viimsi is home to many eateries catering to different tastes. Some of the eateries are located on the seashore, offering intimate views of Tallinn Bay. Viimsi is also home to an authentic English Pub, where you can enjoy sporting events on a big screen and listen to live music.

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